The Levels to Web Design - Kendra Nix
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The Levels to Web Design

There are levels to everything in life, but I honestly didn’t believe there would be levels of designing websites. I’ve been in business for a couple of years and have heard about almost everything when it comes to speaking with clients and/or potential clients. This got me thinking about my business and how I can better serve entrepreneurs. Now let me start by saying this…Cheap is not always the way to go when you want quality and I’m not changing my hourly rate. And I said what I SAID lol

No Seriously! Compared to others who have the skills and qualifications, I believe I have some great rates.

I thought of this when I was on a consult call with a potential client. We were talking about the business coach business and I said, there should be levels to business coaching. And the light bulb hit me. DUH Kendra! There should be levels to your business.

OK, here’s the way!

I believe there should be levels to build website design because every business person and or entrepreneur is not at the same stage. At times when we get a consultation, we feel that if they’re calling me for my services there at a certain level and that’s not always the case. They may be starting their business, or they may be revamping their business, or they may be taking their business to a different level need my particular skill set.

And in the web design world, I feel that we forget that. Prime example I looked at a potential client website. It was built on the WIX platform, and I honestly felt it was OK for where she was at in her business and for what she was trying to do. Yes, she did need some tweaks to the current website but for where she was it can work for her as long as she worked the website (if that makes sense.) Now if you know me you know I am pro WordPress and or Shopify. But one thing I do strive to do my business is to be honest and have a business with integrity. I know many people go to other web designers and it’s an immediate give me your money or get off my phone. I understand the game, I understand the hustle,and  I understand that we all have bills. At the end of the day, I want to make sure that I did give you some truth and value.  You’ll be surprised of how many people I have gotten referrals from and I’ve never built a website for them. But I digress back to the subject.

So what I actually did on that call was I broke down and gave her options. Option 1 keep your current site and tweak it. Let’s do some backend automation to make your life easier and then once everything is flowing let’s circle back and start with a new WordPress website (run on sentence I KNOW). Option 2 Let’s start fresh WordPress website and go all in. I felt by giving her those options it allowed her as a business owner to really think about her business and also her finances. We tend to forget that as small business owners. We get the I want syndrome. Some business owners are not making billions of dollars, and we have to make sure that we can fit certain things in our budget. At the same time when you are the person rendering your services, you also have to stay true to your price point so you can continue to eat.

After I got off the phone with her I thought to myself how can I revamp my business to offer levels to web design because let’s face it in the world of business there are levels for everything.

Level 1 – Starter

Level 2 – Advance

Level 3 – Intermediate

Level 4 – Expert

Right there I just revamped packaging for my clientele. And I know some of you are like well what about your ideal client? What about your avatar? We all have these funny names and at the end of the day I want to serve that entrepreneur who is hungry, who needs help, who is genuine about being a business owner, that entrepreneur who says, “YES Kendra I can work with you and I can work with you at levels.”

At the end of the day, we still are not serving people because we’re so focused on the person not being my ideal client. I get it but do you have clients to be picky. You have to sit back and say why did I get into this business who am I serving at the end of the day. If I take my business and break it down into levels, I just gained a customer for life. Seriously let me walk you through this.

Kendra has a consultation. (yep, talking about myself in 3rdperson)

I listen to my potential client to see where they are in their business. From there if they’re beginning then I would recommend for you my beginner package. Letting them know I’ll be with them every step of the way to go to the next level package. Now I can stop my packages at a certain level and then from there refer them to someone who has a greater skill set than me. Example (y’all know I love examples) I love Oprah, so I will refer them to someone who is the Oprah in the web design business.

I honestly had to look at it like that when I was speaking to the young lady. She opened my eyes to the fact that I can have levels in my business. I know some web designers have a flat rate package and that’s it! I get it but at the end of the day I get tired of hearing the stories of I paid $3000 for a website and I still don’t a website. Seriously! I want to put the integrity back into the business! Everyone is stuck on the word entrepreneur and being an entrepreneur to me is just the action of doing things trying to figure out how to do business. When your actual businesswoman who wants a business for more than one year and who wants something to pass down to generations to come, you sit back and look at business a different way. t the end of the day if I can help someone achieve their goals I’m winning too.

Now the fun begins for me. The revamp of packages.

Stop thinking you gonna lose them at all those damn levels, Kendra! Oh Yea of little faith. If your faith and follow-up game are strong. The strategy will work.

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